Our partnering with Future Neutral – Carbon offset at last!

Our partnering with Future Neutral – Carbon offset at last!

For some time, we have been looking at how we can effectively offset our carbon footprint in our beloved world. With all the options of environmental and sustainable non-profits ready to aid us in this journey, we want to make sure we align ourselves with the perfect organisations that carry the confidence and like-minded goals as we do. Which is why we work with Alpacas, the source of the fibre in our products, as they are low-carbon-emitting and Earth-friendly animals. The Alpacas are farmed sustainably in their natural environment in the Andes Mountains of South America and the production methods of our suppliers are traditional and not energy-intensive!



However, importing goods from South America to Australia, using air freight, inevitably involves significant carbon emissions. Not to mention our travel, and although we have been unable to travel in person to South America for some time now, we expect (hope!) to be able to resume regular visits to our artisan suppliers in the future. Working physically together with our suppliers is an important part of developing new designs, as well as maintaining personal relationships. Hence, our mission to offset our carbon footprint.



What is carbon offset?

Human activity causes climate change through the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The idea of carbon offset is to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, or to prevent a quantity of greenhouse gases from being released. For example, actions such as the planting of trees can compensate for the emission into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. La Sierra has been actively investigating how our small business can contribute effectively to offset our own carbon footprint.

We are excited to share that last year we were approached by Future Neutral, a new business set up to facilitate collective action to reduce the impact and severity of climate change. Using micro-payments from everyday retail transactions, they invest in UN certified carbon offset projects. You may have noticed at our checkout that you now have the option to offset the carbon footprint of your purchase with a 3% contribution to Future Neutral. We are happy that many of our customers have been taking this option, to play a part in meeting the challenges of climate change.

So how does it work?

Let’s take La Sierra’s Classic Jumper as an example. The price of the jumper is $150, the 3% carbon offset is $4.50 additional. La Sierra then remits the total of the 3% amounts contributed through sales each month to Future Neutral.

Of the 3% ($4.50):

  • 67% ($3.02) goes to the actual project they are supporting for that month
  • Future Neutral keeps 21% (95 cents) to fund their research and operations
  • And 12% (54 cents) remains with La Sierra, to cover integration costs.

In this way, many small transactions can be combined to collectively make a significant difference! We are proud of this partnership, to be an early adopter of this model, and hope that Future Neutral continues to grow and effectively contribute to the best offsets available.

For more information on Future Neutral, visit their website: https://futureneutral.com/about-us/



Future Neutral have advised us that they have been taken over by GreenFleet, one of Australia's oldest carbon offsetting groups.  The opportunity to donate to carbon offset at checkout will continue to operate as usual, with funds being paid to GreenFleet.

More information about GreenFleet Australia can be found here:



The fashion world can be fast-paced and fuelled with short-term products aimed at satisfying urges for instant gratification which we find so wasteful! Cutting down on fast-fashion in favour of simple yet elegant and sustainable goods is a prime example of how making small changes in our lives can contribute to making bigger and better changes not only for ourselves but for the environment.

If you have resolved to shop more sustainably, we recommend investing in pieces that are truly meant to last. At La Sierra, we put our time, thought, and effort into creating every item in our range, because we aim to bring you quality, timeless pieces that give you long-lasting and enduring pleasure.

We appreciate you reading!