Travelling in Comfort: Why Alpaca Tops the List for Best Travel Clothing

Travelling in Comfort: Why Alpaca Tops the List for Best Travel Clothing

Planning an exciting getaway to a Winter wonderland in Europe and want to upgrade your travel clothing? How are you planning to stay warm, comfortable and stylish without carrying heavy luggage? 

I am currently living in Europe and my beautiful Mother just came to visit me. We traveled around to the UK to see the land her mother grew up on, Italy (for the food obviously), and to Greece to visit the family of my father. 

round neck travel jumper white

Lake Como, Ft. Maha Jumper, Ivory

Each day of our travels we found ourselves reaching for our La Sierra Alpaca pieces. Whether it was snuggling up with the Blanket Scarf during chilly nights, slipping on a lightweight jumper while strolling around the streets exploring new destinations, or having our scarves handy in our travel bags for added warmth –these alpaca essentials made our journey comfortable, cosy and convenient. 

large travel scarf

UK - My beautiful Mum outside the house where
my Grandma was born in 1915 -
ft. Giant Scarf, Cornflower

 Here are the 5 reasons why Alpaca makes the Best Travel Companion! 

🦙 Exceptional Softness and Comfort: Alpaca fibres are incredibly soft and luxurious, providing unparalleled comfort. Alpaca garments feel gentle against the skin, making them perfect for long journeys and hours of wear, ensuring a cozy travel experience.

🦙 Lightweight and Warm: Alpaca fibres are lightweight yet highly insulating, offering warmth without adding bulk. This unique feature makes alpaca clothing ideal for travel, especially when packing space is limited. You can stay warm in colder climates without carrying heavy, bulky layers.

🦙 Wrinkle-Resistance: Alpaca fibres have a natural resistance to wrinkling, meaning your alpaca garments will maintain their polished look even after being packed in a suitcase. Travellers can enjoy wrinkle-free fashion without the hassle of constant ironing or steaming.

🦙 Moisture-Wicking and Odour-Resistant: Alpaca fibres have excellent moisture-wicking properties, keeping you dry by drawing moisture away from your skin. Additionally, alpaca is naturally odour-resistant, allowing you to stay fresh and confident throughout your travels, even in hot and humid conditions.

🦙 Versatility and Timeless Style: Alpaca fashion products, such as scarves, shawls, sweaters, and coats, come in versatile designs suitable for various occasions. Whether you’re exploring city streets, dining at a fancy restaurant, or relaxing by the beach, alpaca garments effortlessly blend style with functionality, ensuring you look chic and feel comfortable during your travels.

best long sleeve travel top for travel

Afternoon Cream Tea in the UK -
ft. Nala Long Sleeve + Baby Alpaca Blanket Scarf 
(my personal favourite item to travel with)