La Sierra is the natural habitat of the Alpaca, and natural fibre clothing Australia loves

La Sierra is a local Ecuadorian term meaning the highlands of the Andes Mountains of South America.
Welcome to La Sierra, destination for the natural fibre clothing Australia loves. 

We're deeply committed to environmental, social, cultural, and economic sustainability through our range of natural fibre clothing Australia loves. Our passion lies in crafting with eco-friendly Alpaca fibre, one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, to create timeless designs that reduce textile waste and promote longevity.

Embracing Fair Trade principles, our initiative directly empowers talented artisans based in Peru and Ecuador, enabling them to establish sustainable livelihoods for their families, facilitate access to education for their children, and obtain vital healthcare services for their well-being.

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What Makes Us Different?

Embracing Earth-Friendly Practices: Our Alpacas are lovingly farmed in their native habitat, leaving minimal impact on the environment. We pride ourselves on using natural plant and mineral dyes, avoiding harsh chemicals and ensuring our practices remain environmentally responsible.

Championing Slow Fashion and Artisan Craftsmanship: At La Sierra, we honour age-old handcrafting techniques and traditional textile processes handed down through generations. Our collections feature just a few curated styles, with a focus on permanent and trans-seasonal pieces, all crafted in small batches to ensure that nothing is mass-produced.

Natural Fibre Clothing Australia Can Be Proud Of : Our commitment to Fair Trade principles drives us to work directly with artisans in small family businesses, creating safe and healthy workspaces near their homes. We pay fair prices and provide prepayment for materials, enriching their livelihoods and supporting their families.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint: We prioritise using natural fibres and minimising processing to lessen our environmental impact. By shipping via shorter routes, we minimise carbon emissions. Local deliveries are thoughtfully packaged using recycled or degradable materials, and we avoid plastics. At checkout, our customers have the opportunity to offset their purchase's carbon footprint through contributions to Future Neutral and Greenfleet.

A Personal Connection to Artisan Craftsmanship: Each new collection is a result of Sophia, our founder, and René, our local agent, spending time collaborating with Indigenous artisans and artisan communities in Ecuador and Peru. This hands-on approach fosters a deep understanding of every step in the supply chain, from Alpaca farms to fibre processors, and reinforces our commitment to ethical and sustainable production.

Shop with a Clear Conscience: At La Sierra, we take pride in offering fashion with a conscience. Our dedication to optimal working conditions, artisan craftsmanship, and sustainable practices ensures that every purchase supports a better world. Discover the beauty of natural fibre clothing in Australia and shop confidently, knowing you're making a positive impact.