Which Alpaca quilt is right for you?

Which Alpaca quilt is right for you?

The information below can provide some guidance, but if you would like some assistance in choosing which quilt is right for you, please feel free to email us directly. 

You have three main questions to consider when choosing a quilt which you will enjoy for many years.

1. What sort of climate do you live in? Do you live in a tropical environment, a temperate zone or a colder climate?
    2. What is your sleeping environment? You should think about the construction of the building where you live: Is it insulated? Do you have heating or cooling in your bedroom? What type of mattress do you have?
      3. Do you run ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ when you sleep? Each of these types will require a different weight of quilt (i.e. if you get cold when you sleep, you will want to go for a warmer weighted quilt).

        Three types of filling

        We have three types of Alpaca filling available in this range of quilts.  All types are available in seven sizes!

        Alpaca Gold

        • 100% premium Australian grown Alpaca fleece, micro-combed for extra loft
        • Finest, premium quality 100% cotton cover, sateen weave with 300 thread count.

        Alpaca Bamboo

        • A blend of 40% premium Alpaca fleece and 60% Bamboo fibre
        • Finest quality blended 60% bamboo / 40% cotton cover, sateen weave with 320 thread count.

          Alpaca Classic

          • A blend of 60% premium Alpaca fleece and 40% Downs wool
          • Finest, premium quality 100% cotton cover, sateen weave with 300 thread count.


          All Seasons Quilts

          Alpaca All Seasons Quilts are perfectly adjustable for sleeping in luxurious comfort all year round.  They come in a twin pack containing one quilt of 200 gsm for Summer, another quilt of 300 gsm for Spring and Autumn, and they clip together to provide a wonderfully warm 500 gsm quilt for Winter.  These are available in five sizes in Alpaca Gold or Alpaca Bamboo fillings.

          His & Hers / Partner Quilts

          Alpaca Quilts also come as 'His & Hers', with different weights on each side.  They can be tailored to accommodate sleeping partners with different thermostats.  Available in three sizes: Queen, King & Super King. 

          If your partner is a hot sleeper and you are a cold sleeper you should explore the ‘His and Hers’ quilt where you can get a different weighted quilt on each side.  Please contact us for details / to request a quote.

          The cover – it makes high quality quilts stand out from the rest

          The cover material is a key feature that makes good quality quilts stand out from those of lesser quality.  The covers of these quilts are made with the finest, premium quality sateen weave of 100% cotton or 60/40 bamboo/cotton.  The softness of these covers complements the quality of the Alpaca fleece.  They come with a unique, luxurious gold trim.


          What do warmth ratings mean?

          Very Cool - Ideal for warm climates, heated sleeping environments (temperatures of 25oC or more) or for those who are naturally warmer sleepers.

          Cool - Ideal for normal temperature sleeping rooms and climate. Regular temperature sleepers

          Medium - Suitable for mild, temperate climates.

          Warm - Ideal for colder climates, relatively cool sleeping spaces and for people who like extra warmth.

          Very Warm - Ideal for very cold climates and cold sleeping spaces. Great for a sleeper who feels the cold a lot and needs to be extra warm at night.

          This is a rough guide.  However, as mentioned above, there are many other factors to consider when choosing which quilt is right for you.

          Since we are heading into Summer you should be looking for the lightest possible weight in your preferred filling. At the moment (October), in Victoria, I am using the 300gsm weight (one layer from my Alpaca Gold All Seasons Quilt) and plan to change over to my 200gsm for when it gets warmer. I am a cold sleeper so this works really well for me! 

          Alpaca + Bamboo is also an incredible option for summer! The lighter weight the better <3