Meet the Makers of La Sierra Summer Knits <3

Meet the Makers of La Sierra Summer Knits <3

Today we would like to go personal and introduce you all to the creators of our beautiful knits here at La Sierra! We pride ourselves in working ethically and sustainably and have forged meaningful and important bonds with the artisans who brings our visions to life.  

Meet Felix and Paula Mamani! 


Paula and Felix are Peruvian natives who live and work in the South, near Lake Titicaca. Their warm home is part of a family-owned, multi-storied building where their workshops are on ground level and top floor. The top floor has the best views, which influence a flow of inspiration and creation! The two  levels in between are their home on one level and the other is where their eldest daughter Cecelia and her family reside. 

Their work environment is safe and very comfortable, not only for them, but for their workers. While Felix is the main maker of items such as our Rollo knit tops, Paula is the business manager for the family. Paula and Felix share three children and all their children have started their own businesses in textile production.  

Paula and Felix are also proud grandparents to their first granddaughter, Zoe, who is absolutely gorgeous! With work provided for the entire family it has allowed them the ability to keep traditions alive, as well as opening up more opportunities for the next generation to come. 


Naturally, Paula and Felix share a deep connection to the earth and their native land and like to share stories of Incan mythology. They are people who are faithful, and believe in natural remedies and food as medicine, as well as having a sovereignty over their health.  

I really admire the calm nature of the Mamani family and the kindness they extend to us and to their community. I'm honoured to share their story with our readers and to have them working together with us in a sincere partnership.