We met Señora Rosario in 2018 when we travelled to Arequipa, a beautiful city surrounded by three volcanoes in southern Peru. One of our Alpaca fibre producers recommended her to us.

Unlike our other artisans who have their workshops set up in their homes, Rosario runs a small factory employing around nine women. 

Rosario is one of our most versatile and skilled makers, and she is the one we turn to for more complicated designs. 

She is very professional, kind, and always happy to help us with whatever extra support we need – for example, receiving and distributing our labels to the other artisans. 

She is easy to work with and an excellent good communicator – she is the only one of our artisans who works with email. She lives with her husband, two children and a cute little dog. Rosario has a very kind smile and a good sense of humour. She cares very much for the ladies working with her and ensures comfortable working conditions.