Jose lives in a small town in the Andes Mountains of Southern Peru and makes those La Sierra Alpaca toys we love. 

We encountered Jose on the same street as our other toy makers when he signalled for us to approach him. Later that day, we visited his workshop, observed his exquisite samples, and placed our first order on the spot.

Since then, our collaboration with Jose has involved a continual expansion of both the quantities and varieties of our orders. 

How we met Jose!

During our subsequent visit, over a barbecue with Jose, his kids, and the team, his wife shared a heartwarming story about the time we first met. Evidently, it marked a challenging period in their lives, characterised by financial struggles.

According to her, before we placed the order that day, Jose was considering leaving his work with Alpaca to find another job. She revealed that, at 28 years old, it was the first time he held USD in his hands, and he was profoundly grateful.

She emphasised that our business provided them with the strength to persevere. Although they now collaborate with many other countries, Australia holds a special place as their first international partner. We, too, are grateful for the exceptional quality of work he produces, which we can proudly share with the world.

Our Values!

Every item made is unique as the fleece is natural and honours the natural tones of the Alpaca. As they are all handmade, our luxe bears have their unique individual looks – you can really see their different personalities. We love getting to know each bear and admire the beauty in the unique differences in these products. 

We give them time to make the best quality toys from Alpaca fleece and pay fair prices to provide opportunities for their children.

We are lucky to have found Jesús so that we can share with you his quality work. Our luxury bears bring everyone so much joy and the softest cuddles!