Winter is coming - why choose alpaca ?

Winter is coming - why choose alpaca ?

It won't be long now until we are stepping into the first days of June. This will signify a gradual shift from one season to the next, from that crisp Autumn weather to the progressively darker and colder depths of Winter. Winter is not everybody’s favourite season, but here at La Sierra we appreciate the dark, cold, slow, inward energy of Winter. Time can be spent to slow down in the evenings, cook warm and nourishing food and, of course, make sure we are wrapping ourselves up in our favourite natural fibre – Alpaca. 

Want to know why we choose Alpaca for Winter and why you should too? 


Alpaca outperforms other natural counterparts in many ways. This versatile fibre is not only light and warm, but also incredibly soft and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect alternative for those of us who are sensitive to wool.   

Lightness & Warmth 

Alpaca is known for its exceptional warmth despite the lightness of the fibre itself. Alpaca is a hollow fibre which traps pockets of air - this allows for impressive retention of heat, surpassing that of wool, and makes Alpaca the ideal outdoor garment to be worn in cold climates. 

Softness and Durability  

Alpaca is a long and strong fibre with a low micron count which makes it as soft and fine as cashmere. It also has a low prickle factor, especially compared to wool, and is comfortable to wear directly against the skin. Being water and stain repellent as well as flame-resistant, Alpaca also has greater resistance to pilling and general wear and tear. This means your Alpaca textiles will last for many, many years in your wardrobe and home.  

Earth Friendly 

The Alpaca fibre is an incredibly sustainable, socially responsible and cruelty-free fibre for textile production. From raising the Alpacas in their natural habitat, to the processing and production of the fibre, to the social and economic impacts of the alpaca textile industry, it is safe to say this quality fibre is one of the most Earth-friendly in the world.  

With all these amazing qualities, you can understand why we are obsessed with the Alpaca fibre and are committed to providing you quality, beautiful textiles. Whether you’re snuggling on the couch or walking down the frosty street on your morning commute, Alpaca fibre is the perfect, timeless addition to your home or wardrobe that you will cherish forever!  

Enjoy your last days of Autumn everybody!