🌞 🍂 Introducing Our New Fibres 🍂 🌞

🌞 🍂 Introducing Our New Fibres 🍂 🌞

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Hello darling readers! We hope you guys have been enjoying our warm and bright summer. I can't believe we are already into the first days of Autumn! Here at La Sierra, we have been making it a priority to keep cool in the heat. In fact, we have some exciting news we'd like to share!  As we have stated before, we take pride in using Alpaca fibres for our products, but during summertime, we thought we'd try something else that's especially light and cool to blend with our favourite Alpaca fibre. So we are happy to announce some new fibres that we will be incorporating with the fibre blends for our new Summer / Autumn styles: Tanguis Cotton and Viscose. 

We are beyond thrilled for these additions to our family of fibre blends! You might be wondering why we are introducing these new fibres to our collection: well, it’s because they are a part of our plan for keeping you cool in warmer weather. Let us explain: we want you to learn a little more about Tanguis Cotton and Viscose.

Tanguis is a beautiful cotton that is grown in the central coast of Peru. It is recognised as one of the finest and softest fibres in the world. Due to the unique climate and soil conditions, the cotton seeds that come from Peru create a long staple, making some of the most amazing fibres in the textile industry. This cotton has resistant and uniform fibres making it extremely breathable as it rapidly absorbs and releases moisture.

Let’s not forget about Viscose! Some of our blended fibres for these pieces are using Viscose. This is a manufactured fibre made from natural sources of cellulose such as wood or related agricultural products. Many different types of Viscose fibres exist. They resemble and have the feel of natural fibres like silk, wool, linen, and cotton. The benefits of using these fibres are they are more affordable and will suit those looking for a luxurious look and feel as well as their breathable properties.

Imagine on a hot day wearing a basic singlet or t-shirt made of soft, breathable, absorbent Tanguis Cotton and silky Viscose, as you walk the town without worrying about the fabric sticking to your skin. You will be stylish and elegant, and able to be the best you can be, without any sweaty consequences. Tanguis Cotton and Viscose are the perfect fibres to be wearing. 

We are thrilled that we are able to express our creativity through these new fibre blends.  We hope you are as excited as we are about the new knits that form our new Summer / Autumn range.  We apologise for the lateness it uploading these new items online! 

We look forward to seeing you in the shop to try them! And if you can't to get our shop and need help with your sizing for online, feel free to get in touch!


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